PLASTIAGRO BICOLOR is manufactured by Plastar San Luis S.A. using the three-layer coextrusion system.

The BICOLOR is a three-layer plastic film mainly used for wheat or sorghum in bunker, trench and drive-over pile silos.


Resistance and durability

 Three-layered Bicolor film provides greater mechanical resistance and durability against weather conditions. 

cover any type of crop

It can be used to cover any type of crop (pasture, forage, soybeans, wheat, corn, sorghum, etc.).


Preserves the nutritional characteristics of the original crop in the best possible way.

Accepts additives

Easily accepts additives at the time of preparation, such as salts, urea, bacteria, etc.


It is manufactured in widths of up to 12 meters and thicknesses ranging from 150 to 500 microns. At 150 and 200 microns, it is primarily used to cover corn and sorghum silo pits. At a thickness of 500 microns, it is used for roofing in place of corrugated sheets or in winter lambing sheds, among other applications. The white layer should be placed facing outward. This significantly reduces the temperature it adopts, thereby reducing permeability and preventing the "burning" of the material in contact with it. 


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